Edgar Cortazar ... a contemporary poet nominated three times al Latin Grammy, Latin Grammy winner 2006 as a composer of Mexican Regional Song of the Year and winner of four awards during the BMI 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Edgar Cortazar has touched the hearts of artists like Luis Miguel, with whom he has collaborated as co-author and lyrical adapter 3 of their latest musical titled: “33″, “Greatest Hits” and “Christmas Luis Miguel”; all these creditors of countless gold albums, Platinum and Diamond worldwide for their high sales certified by the RIAA and making loans Edgar Cortazar share composers of the stature of: Armando Manzanero, Juan Carlos Calderon, Manuel Alejandro, Rudy Pérez, Kike Santander and Juan Luis Guerra among others.

Born into a musical family, Edgar Cortazar has been influenced by the art for generations. His grandfather, Ernesto Cortazar, wrote most of the hits of the forties and fifties played by Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante among many others.

Songs like “No return”, “Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes”, “The Three Caballeros” (Disney), “Cocula”, “I'm Mexican”, “The Thongs”, “The Blackout”, “Serenata Tapatía”, "Those Altos De Jalisco", "Love With Love It Pays", "Prisoner Del Mar", "Tequila With Lemon", "Anxiety","Fiesta Mexicana", "I'm Puro Mexicano" and many, many more, are part of the family musical catalog Cortazar.

Ernesto Cortazar Ducks, father Edgar Cortazar, also kept up the family tradition creating background music for more than six hundred Mexican movies, receiving international awards (Silver Goddess, Heralds, etc ....) for their achievements in Mexican cinema.

At the same time, Ernesto Cortazar cancionesinterpretadas Ducker was creator by the likes of: José José, Manoella Torres, Alberto Vazquez, Marco Antonio Muniz, Cesar Costa, Enrique Guzman, Alejandro Fernandez and Luis Miguel recently ....

As a professional composer and lyricist, Edgar Cortazar shares credit with his father Ernesto Cortazar Ducker, Luis Miguel, his brother and Latin Grammy winner 2006; Ernesto Cortazar, Tony Melendez, Adrian Pieragostino, Jose Luis Terrazas, Jose Luis Terrazas Jr., Ismael Gallegos, Mark Portmann, Toby Sandoval, Ricardo Montaner, Vicky and Marisol Terrazas, Kike Santander, Homero Patron,Daniel Diaz, Roberto Jimenez, Manelick de la Parra, Jeffrey Fischman, Alejandro Asensi, Alejandro Carballo, Rafael Esparza-Ruiz, Ximena Muñoz, Cristina Abaroa, Johnson Enos, Oswaldo Villarreal, Bruno Danzza, Scott Blevins, Tom Strahl, Arthur Hanlon, Jorge Banuelos, Rafael Rubio, Sebastian Arocha, Denise Bradley, Facundo Monty, Claudia Brant, Lynette Brehm, Christian De Walden, Ricardo Diaz, Elyan Díaz, Carlos del Castillo, Steve Dorff, Maria Entraigues, Esteban Mares, Steve Dorff, Yoel Henríquez, Serge Colbert, Victoria Horn, Hillary Bernstein, Alberto Mirabal, John Reid, Rafa Sardina, Anthony Fedorov, Ruy Folguera, Mauricio Guerrero, Daniel Avila, Carlos Castro, Ron Irving, Molly-Ann dramatic, Francisco Loyo, Salo Loyo, Victor Loyo, Ana Malhoa, Paul Massadas, Juan Mesa, Pepe Motta, Richard Page, D. Pickell, Michael Ripoll, Paulo Serpa, Stephony Smith, Irene Toumainen, T. Wong y Antonio Zamora.

The Edgar Cortazar songs have been performed by artists such as: Luis Miguel, Olga Tanon, Christian Castro, Pedro Fernandez, David Bisbal, Yahir, Jon Secada, Three Graces, Conjunto Primavera, Grupo Montez de Durango, Pablo Montero, Graciela Beltran, La Mafia, Diana Reyes, Los Primos de Durango, Liberation Group, Los Horoscopos de Durango, Industry of Love, K-Paz of the Sierra, Grupo Iman, Carmen Jara, Sierra Authority, Grupo Palomo, Ponzoña Musical Durango, Banda Machos, Valentin Elizalde Band Guasaveña, Banda Los Lagos, Angels, Salomon Robles, Chicos De Barrio, No-Pals, Alex Arellano, Group Prezisso, Priscilla and Silver Bullets, The Palominos, Rafael Mercadante, La Bandita de Durango, Erasmo Catarino, Israel El Tillo Nevarez, Keyla Caballero, Lily of the Field, Andres Marquez (The Massif), Isabela, Los tremendous in Mexico, Witchy’s Band, Los Reyes Del Camino, Ke-Zafados, Keyla Caballero, Huichol Musical and La Onda Group among many others.

As lyrical adapter, Edgar Cortazar has worked for productions Spanish versions of the magnitude of: “Christmas Luis Miguel”, creating 3 of the 11 issues that are part of this production distributed to more than 25 countries, sharing credits with Juan Carlos Calderon www.juancarloscalderon.com The classic feminine project / international pop: “Three Graces” www.threegracesmusic.com released by Decca / Where Edgar Cortazar Universal shares credit as co-author with personalities like Bernie Taupin and Martin Page.

The unique way and the style of play of Edgar Cortazar has been involved in countless musical productions as a professional singer.

Her voice has accompanied such singers chorus the likes of Luis Miguel (Mexico en la Piel Tour) and the most recent albums Pedro Fernandez, Lucero and Marco Antonio Solis, produced by the teacher Homero Patron.

Edgar Cortazar has also been the leading voice of musical productions and advertising campaigns for companies like: Ford Motor Company, Disney, Chrysler, Toyota,Telemundo, Univision, Frito Lay, Bimbo, Mexicana Airlines, Aeromexico, Channel 22, Televisa y TV. Azteca to name a few.

Likewise, America division of Disney Records, haempleado compositions and voice

Edgar Cortazar over 12 musical productions which highlight: Coo (Lullaby) 1996, Disney Christmas (Disney Christmas) 1996, Songs of Travel (Travel Songs) 1997, The Party Dinosaurs (Dinosaur Party) 1998 and multiplying! (Multiplying!) 1998, inter.

Above 750 Labels professional demos, Publishers Advertising Agencies and music have used the vocal talents of Edgar Cortazar in their creations both in Mexico and Canada as in the United States of America.